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This report demonstrates that the availability of energy through nuclear fission holds the key to solving many of humanity’s problems. This promising technology has been underused, not because of the limitations created by the laws of physics, but because of the success of nuclear's opponents in painting it as a dangerous technology. But the arguments made are weak, and often disingenuous. Not only is nuclear power safe by any objective measure, it is often safer than competing energy sources, including 'renewables'.

But winning the debate on nuclear requires proponents to do more than simply demonstrate it is safe, reliable, and cost-effective. It requires them to remake the case that plentiful, reliable energy is a good thing, indispensable not just to advanced industrial societies like our own, but for human flourishing as such. This report makes this case. 

In this inspiring report, Ralph Schoellhammer traces the history and development of nuclear power, and demonstrates that even well-known nuclear incidents such as Chernobyl or Fukushima, should be understood in a very different light. 

The case for nuclear power has always been strong, but today, when European countries are concerned with the effects of climate change and wish to move away from fossil fuels, the case is unarguable. Without nuclear power, Europe will not merely be unable to transition away from fossil fuels, it will forgo any hope of forging a prosperous future. Nuclear power offers a chance for a European renaissance. It is time Europe took full advantage. 

Author: Ralph Schoellhammer, Assistant Professor, Webster University Vienna; writer, Unherd