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A new briefing by think tank MCC Brussels challenges the dominant narrative pushed in recent years by European Union institutions and operatives and calls for an honest reexamination of nationality, sovereignty, and pluralism. These, the report argues, are the real values and history that underpin the European project.

The 19-page briefing picks apart the contentious and important disputes within the Union about adherence to so-called ‘Rule of Law’ principles. These spats have become so important that many now argue for the removal of the “veto” in the European Council.

The paper argues that:

1. Discussions about the Rule of Law are a ploy, a cover for disagreements about values and the EU project of imposing so-called EU values on sovereign countries

2. The removal of the veto in the Council is a dangerous step which would seriously undermine the ability of sovereign countries to protect their national interests

The paper concludes that the removal of the veto would amount to the removal of one of the last checks on the EU elites’ attempts to imposing their values on sovereign states.