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Our new report traces the real history underpinning the EU’s obsession with LGBTQ issues. Importantly, it notes that “the EU’s obsession with LGBTQ is not based on a concern for minorities” but rather weaponises LGBTQ people in the service of attacking certain Member States, who the EU “presumes are incapable of building democratic societies for themselves”.

In this report, Dr Carlton Brick pulls apart the EU’s obsession with gender issues. He exposes both how the EU has been captured by powerful lobby groups, and also how EU manipulates concern for LGBTQ issues to demonise Member States who don’t toe the EU line. 


This report argues that the reason for the EU's effective transformation into a supranational LGBTQ advocacy group is that it provides the EU with a unique source of moral authority. This new authority - as the champion of "disadvantaged people" - has been crucial in allowing the EU to manage, supervise, and ultimately push around the new Member States of Eastern and Central Europe. These Member States, such as Poland or Hungary, have been cast as "backward" or "norm-violators" for not getting with the programme of the latest developments of LGBTQ ideology. 

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