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MCC Brussels will be travelling to Romania to take part in the Bálványosi Free University in Tusnádfürdő (Băile Tușnad) between July 18 and 23, where MCC will once again have its own stage. This annual event features debates, political and cultural discussions, book presentations and cultural events and music. The festival is a major highlight of the calendar of the Carpathian basin. 

One of the topics MCC Brussels will be involved in is a discussion on the French riots. MCC Brussels’ executive director Frank Furedi will moderate a discussion that will include Gladden Pappin, the newly appointed head of the Hungarian Institute of Foreign Affairs, as well as a French guest researcher from MCC. MCC Brussels’ head of policy, Jacob Reynolds, will moderate a discussion on the European Parliament elections which will feature Rodrigo Ballester, head of MCC’s Centre for European studies and other experts. 

The MCC tent will also feature a discussion on the war in Ukraine, with security policy expert Robert C. Castel, and MCC's experts in diplomacy and geopolitics, Rajmund Kiss and Attila Demkó. Furthermore, the analysis of Germany's role in European politics will be aided by German Lieutenant Colonel Wolf Illner and a representative from the German press.

The tent will see discussions on the most important issues in energy policy and the resilience of the Hungarian economy in the face of crisis, the rise of artificial intelligence, and will explore the culture war which is intensifying globally. Additionally, discussions will look at the connections between migration and family policy.

MCC’s guest speaker will be Gergely Gulyás, the minister in charge of the Hungarian Prime Minister's Office. MCC will also present a new book from Boris Kálnoky, the head of MCC’s Media School, entitled The Land of My Ancestors: The Story of the Kálnoky Family. Events in Latin America will also be a focus during a presentation of Venezuelan author Alejandro Peña Esclusa's book, Culture War of the São Paulo Forum. Balázs Orbán, Political Director of Prime Minister Victor Orbán and Chairman of the Board at MCC, and Zsolt Német, president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, will engage in a discussion with the author. The relationship between innate talent and upbringing will also be examined in a discussion about the football player Dominik Szoboszlai, captain of the Hungarian national team and recent transfer to leading British club Liverpool.

The MCC/Fundamental Rights Center/DEPO tent program will feature thought-provoking discussions in a wide variety of fields. 

Let's meet in Tusványos!