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MCC will issue a lawsuit against the Saint-Josse-ten-Noode mayor, Emir Kir and his attempts on April 16th this year to infringe on the right of citizens to free speech when he issued an administrative police order to close down the NatCon Conference in Brussels, Belgium. More information on the case will be shared at our meeting 'Free Speech vs Hate Speech: The EU's censorship agenda', which also sees the release of our latest report.

Yohann Rimokh, the lawyer filing the case for MCC, said 

"Alas, this is not the first-time free speech has been in the crosshairs in Brussels or Belgium, and there is a shameful history of cases that should concern any person, regardless of political persuasion, who believes in the right to free speech and assembly. However, this is the first time that we saw an attempt to cancel a conference by an administrative police order where the Prime Minister of a Member State's visit was announced; this is the first time the Belgian Prime Minster is compelled to tweet his concerns, the first time we saw international leaders echo those concerns and the first time we have seen the sort of global spotlight this case put on the bad practice that has become the norm at the heart of the European Union."

Further details on the nature and purpose of the legal action will be shared at MCC Brussels' event on free speech and online disinformation this Wednesday, October 15th. 

Frank Füredi, executive director of MCC Brussels, said:

The fight is only just beginning. We cannot rely on one judge who happens to decide in our favor. If the future of freedom relies on one individual, that freedom is in trouble.

In response and in order to prevent similar attacks from taking place, MCC Brussels has launched the Brussels Free Speech Declaration, which you can sign here.

Our goal is to cultivate a network in support of all those whose democratic rights are threatened by censorship, vague invocations of safety concerns, threats, and smear attacks—from whatever political backgrounds.