Join MCC Brussels, friends and commentators to digest the results of European Parliament elections in a relaxed but intellectually serious environment. This event will feature a roundtable discussion of the results, followed by a chance to catch up informally over a BBQ. 


Many believe the elections will be a wake-up-call for European elites, but much depends on the nature of the vote. When the Brussels Bubble seems so distant from the concerns of ordinary Europeans, our analysis of the election must go beyond the traditional obsessions of the "bubble" - and move from a focus on the machinations of political groups to an analysis of what matters in individual nation states. 

  • What role will the farmers protests and concerns about energy and food security have played in the election?

  • Are European voters finally delivering a message against the open-door immigration policies of Brussels?

  • Have European citizens finally launched a fightback against the woke obsessions of Brussels elites?

  • Will anyone in Europe stand up for basic democratic rights such as importance of free speech?

  • Is populism here to stay?

We'll be discussing these issues and more. 


  • Frank Furedi, executive director, MCC Brussels
  • Richard Schenk, research fellow, MCC Brussels
  • Ellen Kryger Fantini, managing editor, European Conservative
  • Scarlett Karoleva, Riks Europe TV