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Brussels free speech declaration 

  • 15:30 to 17:30
  • Thursday 18th April 
  • The Hotel Brussels Bd de Waterloo 38, 1000 Brussels 


It is an important week in Brussels for the battle to uphold free speech and democratic rights. Three mayors attempted to shut down debate and discussion in the city in response to the scheduling of NatCon Brussels 2024 (16 to 17 April). As widely reported across Belgium, Europe and the world, a vocal minority of anti-democratic zealots sought to cancel the conservative meeting.  

One mayor after another put pressure on booked venues to cancel NatCon under the pretext of safety concerns. In the city of Brussels the original venue (used by NatCon in 2022), succumbed to pressure from the mayor and activists. When the NatCon team, and supporting sponsor MCC Brussels, set up in a replacement venue in Etterbeek, pressure was applied by a second mayor and the venue cancelled. A third venue – Claridge in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode – was secured at the 11th hour. A third mayor sort to persuade the venue to withdraw. The venue owner was courageous in the face of immense pressure from the mayor and the eventual police order he issued. The event went ahead successfully and was acknowledged by several European Prime Ministers. 

There exists a real and present danger that a pattern of symbiotic activist and bureaucratic intimidation is becoming established. The objective is to scare venues in to cancelling discussion of urgent and popular questions and perspectives on the crises facing people in Europe that the woke elite would prefer not to be debated. 

MCC Brussels is determined to stand up for free speech in Brussels and beyond and relieve venues of the intense pressure they are put under by zealots. Tomorrow, following the successful moral and legal victory for free speech at NatCon Brussels 2024, MCC Brussels is calling a gathering of the media and those committed to uphold the vital importance of free speech. Free speech will only come under increasing pressure as we move closer to the European elections and as populist ideas continue to prove increasingly popular! 

MCC Brussels intends to launch a ‘Brussels declaration for free speech’ and to build an army of the willing to uphold the hard-won freedoms Europe has done so much to develop until now. Join us in support and to hear from: 

  • Frank Furedi, Executive Director, MCC Brussels 
  • Bob De Brabandere, Senator and Leading Candidate Vlaams Belang Brussels Parliament