With a BA in English and Communications from the UK and an MBA from France, Krisztina lived and worked in a number of countries from The Netherlands to Cuba. Her professional experience relates mostly to international business (introducing foreign SMEs to the Hungarian market). Her interest in public affairs was provoked by first-hand experience of some of the challenges that Western societies face. 

Joining MCC Brussels at this particular time of political upheaval is a veritable passion project for Krisztina, who aims to execute every task assigned to her to the best of her knowledge. 

Krisztina appreciates efficiency, a little bit of controversy and the finer things in life. During her year spent on top of a mountain in rural Japan as a scholarship student, Krisztina fell in love with the Way of Tea, and stepped on the rigorous and enchanted path of training to became a tea artist. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and exploring. 

Hopes for MCC Brussels: "On my first day at the office, Professor Patzelt told me our mission was to prove we are the nicest, coolest, most intelligent people in town. Challenge accepted!"