Krisztina graduated from the Budapest Business School Faculty of International Management and Business where she received her bachelor’s degree in economics with an emphasis on foreign trade. She also completed a full-time study program in The Netherlands at the Hoogeschool, Brabant where she earned a bachelor's degree in international management with a specialization in marketing. She went on to become a product manager at Wella Haircare company. She has been living in Brussels since 2007. She worked as an accredited assistant of an MEP in the European Parliament. She has experience in working with EU policymakers and the functioning of European Institutions. She organized several events, seminars and workshops in the European Parliament bringing together international audiences. Krisztina is a mother to 5 children. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking in the forests of the Ardennes and she sings in a choir. Krisztina's hope for MCC Brussels is it becomes a place known for high-level events and book launches with an open, friendly, and professional atmosphere generating rich conversations, dialogue and learning.